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by Janet Nesler | The Community Common| Portsmouth, OH

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Towering white pillars lead the way to unique dining in a colonial setting, filled with the aroma of pizza sauce.  The house implies fine dining.  But no black ties here, just a casual feast for pizza lovers.  Dick's Pizza, located in Sciotoville, Ohio, has been open since April 1998 and serves an original recipe pizza that melts in your mouth.

The elegant colonial house-restaurant resembles a southern mansion and is a dream come true for owners Dick and /Connie Eckhart.  The Eckharts believe the house was built prior to 1835 because of a receipt found when the renovation started.  It was called Wolfords Landing because they used to come up a little creek beside the property and off load iron ore.  There is still a campground by that name next to the restaurant.

The house was then handed down to descendants of the Wolford family.  Two spinster sisters named Josie and Edna Brown lived in the house with their brother Charlie Brown. 

Charlie was not well and knew he would be passing on soon.  He asked a friend if he would watch after the two ladies and promised if he would, someday he would be rewarded.  Josie Brown was the last of the sisters to pass away and when she died, the man who had looked after them inherited all the property including the campground next door.  He lived in the house for 35 years, when he became too ill to live alone.  The house was then put on the market.  That's when the Eckharts found it and restored it as a unique restaurant. 

The Eckharts took up five layers of flooring to get down to the original floor and then refinished it.  In the middle of the house there is a little room off the side with only one table, christened "The Nook".  A favorite of couples for a special celebration.  The house also boasts two fireplaces, uncovered during renovation, and stripped down to their original brick.  They burn now with gas logs instead of wood.

Dick makes his pizza dough daily and his pizza sauce is his own original recipe with three specialty choice toppings, barbecued chicken, BLT and tantalizing Hawaiian (a mix of maraschino cherries, pineapple, ham and coconut)-- that make choosing hard.  The house specialty, Mom's Sweet Relish Kraut, is also worth a taste. 

Regulars call Dick's brand of pizza gourmet, and the atmosphere fits the bill.  Enjoy dining indoors amidst antiques that adorn the shelves and walls, or if weather permits, have a pizza picnic feast outside at a picnic table by the river listening to live entertainment while the kids swing on tire swings that adorn the trees. 

 Dick's Pizza is reasonably priced so you can feed the family for under $20.00.
Located at 6977 Front Street(off St. Rte. 52 next to Wolfords Campground Landing) Sciotoville, OH  740-776-6231.  Open 10a.m. -10p.m. Closed Mon.  Handicapped accessible.                    



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