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My name is Janet Nesler and I am a poet, photographer and freelance writer. 

I assume I listed poet first because of my greater love for poetry. The poet in me sees so much more in the reality and journey of life. Poetry gives me an awareness of people and the good in them, an awareness of being and an urge to question all it stands for.

Many know me as an editor of a weekly poetry column for The Scioto Voice Newspaper. The poetic words found in my column are written by numerous poets and sometimes I'm lucky to squeeze one of mine into a column.

As you might have guessed the name of the column is Poet's Platform.

I am the former Photo Editor and Co-Poetry Editor for The Silhouette, the Literary Magazine for Shawnee State University.

Photography is a reflection of me as a former news photographer for The Portsmouth Daily Times. While photographer at The Daily Times I achieved an Associated Press Award for news photography. Without a doubt it was one of my most cherished moments.

I have had the good fortune to be published in numerous poetry journals and my feature freelance articles have appeared in quite a few magazines and newspapers.

Art Photography is a passion and I have entered many Art Competitions and have won Art Awards for my photo compositions.

I hope my website reflects some of the beauty I have discovered with photography and the mere words will make one seek to view life a little closer. It is my hope to offer you a place to come for a restful time and you will want to return as new moments of thought and images are added.

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